1. Іuperb visualization, been thinking of something similar but with Last.fm integration. The main stopper – lack of artist geo-information data providers. Could you please uncover your source as it looks impressive. Or was it manually added?
    Anyway, very interesting idea.

    1. Author

      Thanks Daniel for the feedback 🙂 I think that’s a good idea, I’ve been looking at Spotify integration myself. Yes, this is data I have had to manually source myself (it’s still very much ongoing), spending countless evenings of research as there’s no definitive geo-information source.

      I’m planning on having ongoing updates on this page – https://themapden.co.uk/music-map. Going to see if Carto or Mapbox works better for my needs, but still a work in progress but glad it’s piqued your interest! Any suggestions or thoughts are very welcome!

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