1. Good maps, I’ve been looking create hexagon based cartograms of my own, Could you tell me what you used to create them?

    I’ve designed an electoral system! and would like to represent its projected results.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked this. I need to update this for the actual results!

      So I used a produced the hexagon based cartogram using a ArcGIS Cartogram tool I found, based on population (tried to use a small multiplier during this process, so it wasn’t too distorted).

      Next I overlaid a ‘hex grid’ (tessellation) in ArcGIS Pro. I then converted this to points, using these points to identify which underlying MP Constituency it was.

      Then I joined this back to the hexs. After that I had to do some manual checks to ensure the areas were consistent and spatially continuous (i.e. not exclaved). After this ran a dissolve and attached data.

      If you wish to have the spatial data, message me on Twitter or elsewhere, and I can see about sending it over.

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